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REVEALED: 3 Things People Do Wrong and Feed Their Anxiety Even More.
While it often feels like anxiety is in control of our mind and we feel powerless to control our own thoughts and emotions, anxiety is a normal response. It is when we don’t respond to our anxious feelings in proper ways that anxiety seems to take over life. Here are three things’ people often do wrong and in turn end up feeding their anxiety and making it worse. 

1. Judge feeling anxiety as “wrong”. Every Negative emotion has a positive message for us.

Emotion is expression of belief. Things we believe are true, and their corresponding emotions are stored in subconscious mind, always present and ready to protect us from harm. Judging emotion does not make uncomfortable feelings go away, rather it increases discomfort. 

2. Ignore anxiousness; pretend “it” doesn’t matter.

Consider that anxiety is not your enemy. Anxiety is information; a call to action indicating need for change. We often ignore messages by rationalizing our feelings and do not address the underlying emotional issue. However, like a disturbing robocall anxiety will continue pestering us until we consider its deeper message.

3. Blame our feelings on other people or situations.

Blame erodes our self-esteem creating even greater discomfort reinforcing the cycle of anxiety. Anxious feelings are naturally unpleasant. Blaming others validates and strengthens anxiety and stress.

Improve Your Quality of Life and Learn to Manage Anxiety and Stress Naturally

Coping with anxiety and stress does not have to mean compromising one’s values or quality of life. There’s a better and much more effective technique that does not create dependency on “coping mechanisms”. A clinically proven approach that relies on addressing the root cause(s), which are deep in your subconscious mind. To change your life, you must change your beliefs. Feelings are beliefs traveling through the body. Your feelings reveal your beliefs. Feeling is the secret, not the enemy.

Addressing the subconscious mind is critical to long term relief from Anxiety. Why?
Because the subconscious mind is 95% of our overall mind. Integral Hypnotherapy©
helps create deep transformation by opening up access to our deep mind where our beliefs and emotions live.
With access to the deep mind, anyone can learn to naturally and effectively manage anxiety and stress. Not just addressing the surface-level symptoms. Doing deep mind work creates a sense of control and empowerment that anxiety cannot wash away. In turn, we have the freedom to live our lives on our terms, with even more confidence, assuredness and optimism.

Your conscious mind is only 5% of your overall mind. The other 95% is subconscious. Hence most “coping” mechanisms fail to be effective.

 Regain Control and Empowerment to Create the Life You Prefer, with the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

With Integral Hypnotherapy© you’ll learn to access your subconscious mind and address underlying “hidden” worries and concerns that create feelings of anxiety and stress, quickly safely and effectively.

With this skill and ability, you’ll learn how to create the intended life of your preference with your powerful subconscious mind. Therefore, creating life-long freedom and confidence to enjoy a calm and peaceful state of mind.

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