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What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a Natural yet Altered State of Mind with Numerous Beneficial Characteristics. Hypnosis is a Skill That Improves With Practice. Hypnosis is a scientifically verified way to efficiently improve the quality of our daily thoughts. You can experience hypnosis in Albuquerque with Christian Raphael.

Mr. Raphael is a professionally certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist with advanced NLP Training. He is a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy, a presenter at the 2016 International Board of Hypnotherapy Symposium, an Associate Instructor at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, and an Investigative Hypnotherapist for a National Institutes of Health study on Overactive Bladder Syndrome.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

A hypnotic induction combined with deepening techniques help soften the clients critical thinker. The critical thinking part of us is often formed at a young age without adult wisdom and maturity. Therefore, many things that we might think about ourselves could be long outdated and based on outdated childhood thinking. After the critical filter is softened, suggestions are given to the client, guiding them to focus on positive input and their desired outcome. This ‘”rewires” their thinking and subsequent behavior which becomes automatically driven by the subconscious mind after the hypnosis session is over. The old thinking patterns are updated with new information, with the wisdom and intellect of our sensible adult reasoning mind.

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could?

The Quality of Your Experience of Life Directly Corresponds To The Quality of Thoughts Held In Your Mind.

“The mind is your creative intelligence. Your mind is your most powerful resource. If you don’t believe you can have it all, you get to choose how much less than all you get” – Harvey Cohen

Christian Raphael Hypnotherapy is conveniently located next to University of New Mexico Hospital campus in Albuquerque New Mexico.

How Else Can I Benefit From Hypnosis?

  • Heal and complete the past.
  • Accelerate healing and manage pain.
  • Gain a happy home life. Be a better husband, Be better wife, Be a better parent, Be a better partner or Be a better friend.
  • Expand spiritual awareness.
  • Express higher awareness and deeper intuition
  • Learn compassion and kindness skills.
  • Have greater success and prosperity.
  • Feel more worthwhile, be self-confident, feel zestful.
  • Relax completely in any situation.
  • Regain a natural ability to sleep easily.
  • Sell ideas and services with more confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Enrich personal relationships.
  • Have worthwhile friendships and improve relationships.
  • Easily concentrate and memorize.
  • Change self-defeating behavior.
  • Get rid of subconscious negative mental patterns.
  • Create better health.
  • Get rid of the fear of rejection.
  • Set goals and reach them.
  • Program positive mental concepts and success attitudes.
  • Make affirmations work.