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It is the resistance to what is that causes suffering

We project our values onto other people when we fail to accept the reality of our perception as self As the woman is a passive partner, she may not be as affected as the man, but a man may not be the case due to cheap soft cialis childbirth complications, such as delayed labor, weak contractions of the womb and heavy bleeding during menstruation. Due to erectile dysfunction the man faces some sort of mental imbalances and so it leads commander levitra him to stress which is also said to be impotence. After huge researches over the reasons of this elevated number of sexually incapable victims the responsible factors have been discovered to be compatible discount on cialis and tolerable with 10mg dosage but you should not take it for granted. In that one with sildenafil generic viagra a separate compression ring fitted to the penis to maintain it. created. This cry for love causes us suffering if ‘they’ do not live up to our expectation.


Merriam-Webster defines Transfiguration as “a change in form or appearance: metamorphosis”. We transfigure the meaning of events in our life to match the beliefs we hold as true. Here’s a simple example that many people have experienced. If you have ever gone to the movies with a friend, perhaps you discussed afterwards “ your favorite… Continue Reading

What is Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind with numerous beneficial characteristics. It is the ability to relax the inner chatterbox, sweep out mind clutter, and focus on positive input and desired outcomes. Through hypnosis, self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we tap into our subconscious mind–that great power within us through which our… Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolutions

According to StatisticBrain.Com, 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions and 8% achieve their goal. Why so few? It is because we do not believe we can achieve the goal. Other prostate cancer treatments might also affect libido appalachianmagazine.com viagra 100 mg (or sex drive). Climaxing has been known to benefit a woman, both… Continue Reading

The Brightest Spark and Darkest Terror

Our brightest spark and darkest terror come from the same place. In an earlier post about behaviors, we examined how we are either moving toward something that is life enriching or moving away from something that is life threatening. Every negative emotion, and every negative action has a positive intention. Then, I saw this post on Facebook… Continue Reading

To Change My World, I Change My Beliefs

be·lief bəˈlēf/ noun 1.an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. “his belief in the value of hard work” 2. trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. “a belief in party politics” _________________________________________________________________________________ A belief is something that I think is true. Among other things, beliefs are held as true about a person,… Continue Reading

Our Body Can Heal Quickly

According to Whyquit.com Our body’s ability to heal quickly is a beauty to behold! After quitting smoking within: 20 minutes your blood pressure, pulse rate and the temperature of your hands and feet have returned to normal. 8 hours remaining nicotine in your bloodstream has fallen to 6.25% of normal peak daily levels, a 93.75% reduction.… Continue Reading