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Introduction to Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis Workshop: Albuquerque NM


Relax and Enjoy Life. Think and Act with A Positive Mental Attitude. Engage Your “Optimistic Self” Auto-Pilot Switch Now Using Self Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind with numerous beneficial characteristics. It is the ability to relax the inner chatter-box, sweep out mind clutter, and focus on positive input and desired outcomes.

Through hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, we tap into our subconscious mind–that great power within us through which our experience of the outer world is created. Thomas Edison regularly used self-hypnosis to gain insights while working on patents.

In this 3 class series, you will access and develop your ability to bypass your disbelieving inner doubter and direct your subconscious mind to achieve more of what you want in life.

Hypnosis is a natural skill that we all have. The more we use it the more powerful it becomes.

The $249.00 enrollment cost includes an MP3 recording of a hypnosis protocols and all class materials. See Class Outline below.

Hypnosis comes from the word Hypnos, the Greek God of sleep.

Greek God Hypnosis
Greek God Hypnos

Class Outline

Week 1

  1. How and why hypnosis and hypnotherapy creates results
  2. Induction for relaxation
Week 2
  1. Review of previous week
  2. How to write suggestions for self-hypnosis
  3. Induction for creating your subconscious mind sanctuary
Week 3
  1. Review of Previous Week
  2. Induction for programming your subconscious mind with positive suggestions
  3. Open questions

Free Introductory Class: Calm Your Over Active Bladder With Mind Power: Saturday May 11th, 2019 3:00-5:00

Learn to re-direct your natural inner thinking to reclaim normal bladder control, and live the life of freedom you choose.

A recent 4 year, $3million National Institutes of Health study comparing drug therapy to hypnotherapy concluded that “Hypnotherapy and medication both effectively treated urinary urgency and incontinence at 2 to 12 month follow up. In those with medium to high hypnotic susceptibility, hypnotherapy was superior to medication at longer follow up offering a durable alternative therapy for urinary urgency incontinence.”

On October 11th 2018, after rigorous and strict peer review, Study conclusions were presented at an American Uro-gynecology society conference in Chicago Illinois.

This study addressed a chronic condition that 33 million Americans, one-tenth of the population, suffer from—Overactive Bladder/Urinary Urgency Incontinence.”

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