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Client Testimonials

I came to see Christian because I had difficulty swallowing. I had taken several tests, and the doctors could not find anything wrong. They could not find a  cause for my condition. My life was rapidly deteriorating, I needed to heal. My husband extensively researched Hypnotherapy in Albuquerque. He discovered that Christian is a Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy, and an Associate Instructor at The Hypnotherapy Academy of America.

Within a short period of time, I realized that my issue had more to do with emotional challenges than a physical condition. We got to work, and I began healing my past. I had several years of pent up negative emotions to heal.

I am glad I found Christian and am able to eat drink and swallow normally. I also have gained valuable life-long self-care tools to support me in continuing to live a healthy normal life.

Millie Smith Emergency  Department Intrepreter

For several months, I tried several different ways to improve my health. I was medically diagnosed with Subclinical Hypothyroidism, bilateral Plantar Fasciitis, and Esophageal Dysmotility. I saw many specialists and made some progress, and through it all I noticed that my natural optimism and general zest for life was waning. My health was declining. I was sad about these ailments wondering why I ended up sick despite living a well-intentioned positive life.

I worked with Christian intensively for 12 sessions over 2 months straight. Our work together was collaborative. He gently guided me to deeper recognition and acceptance of my own personal mind-power. I experienced an array of hypnotherapy protocols ranging from positive suggestion therapy to regression work identifying the origin of limiting unhealthy beliefs. We did imagery-based sessions where I intensified my awareness of my own inner wisdom and how to access this when I chose to, as well as self-hypnosis training which is one of my now favorite life-long skills. Strategically placed throughout the 12 weeks, were several specific scientifically verified medical support protocols designed to complement my allopathic treatment. As a matter of fact, it was one of my medical doctors that referred me to Christian. In hindsight, I now see how Christian guided me to apply my mind to accelerating the healing of my body. Most importantly, he guided me in understanding just how powerful my mind really is and how I could change the self-limiting beliefs that had become ingrained in me as if they were true. He then in hypnosis had me apply that positive understanding to compliment the natural healing power of my body.

Throughout the process, Christian communicated clearly that I need to remain compliant with my Medical Doctors treatments. Christian’s code of ethics about this is clear and strict. Therefore, he also communicated clearly throughout our working together that as a medical support clinical hypnotherapist, he serves as a support, a compliment to my medical treatment. This was refreshing after living in pain and discomfort for so long; I was glad to add his support to my healing support team. My role in working with Christian was “Co-Therapist.” He reminded me that the origins and answers to my desired outcomes are within me. I worked hard because I had a high desire to heal. I must say that intention and action was held by us both. I noticed that Christian lives the material he teaches. I witnessed his integrity, dedication, commitment to my well-being, his generosity of time and spirit, his honesty and his humanity. With each session, I gained greater skill and insight into the power of my own mind. I learned life-long skills and gained awareness for which I am grateful.

My outcomes are as follows; I eliminated early symptoms of subclinical hypothyroidism, I regained normal healthy function of my esophagus, I reduced foot pain so that I can now walk and hike in comfort. I successfully eliminated my dependence on all medications. My outlook on life is positive and optimistic. I have rekindled my purpose in life and excitedly greet each day expanding my powerful mind forward in positive ways. Most of all, my husband and I are thankful for this journey.

Andrea Lanier, Retired Life-skill Educator/Coach

I had a fear of driving. I felt so uncomfortable that I could not drive by myself. I was so panicked while driving that I had trouble breathing, and therefore became reliant on other people for my transportation.  Through hypnotherapy with Christian, I healed the issue and am able to drive independently now.

Kirsten Bridges, Office Manager

I came to see Christian a couple of years ago because I had a challenge sleeping through the night. I was exhausted and stressed out.  I am happy to say that I’m still sleeping soundly after working with him for a short period of time.

James Delmore Insurance Agency Owner.

I came to see Christian because i lacked self confidence, and had difficulty relating to people at work. After working with him for the past month, I am more comfortable with other people and feel secure and competent at work. Christian taught me self hypnosis which I practice daily. I am so exited to use this powerful tool, and am grateful that he took the time to teach me, as I am now taking greater and greater control of my destiny.

-Rei Kolsolei- Security Manager 

I had been smoking for several years. I tried to quit before but was not successful. In the very first session Christian helped me establish healthier lifestyle habits for exercise and spending more quality time with people I care about. As a result, I felt more confident from the start that I had made the right decision to come and see him for smoking cessation. The fact that he teaches smoking cessation at The Hypnotherapy of Academy helped too! Christian has an easy yet direct and caring way of communicating, and was highly skilled in guiding me to my own realizations making them a more permanent part of my awareness. After  sessions I was smoke-free. I had booked 6 sessions total, and I am glad that i did I used one of them to work on another issue that had been bothering me for awhile. Give Christian a call If you re wanting to be smoke free, He is an excellent and caring caring professional resource. 

-Ryan Sloan – Project Manager

I came to see Christian because I was having trouble hitting the first note of my music score. Being an orchestra trumpet player, I  was very concerned. The harder I tried, the worse my ability to the hit the note became. I was getting ready to apply for Doctorate Level Education, and was nervous about doing so.  After 4 sessions with Christian,  I realized that there were no mistakes, only feedback. Therefore, I gave myself permission to be “human:, and began playing with greater ease and confidence than ever before. Consequently, I was not only accepted into the Doctoral Program of my choice, I was selected to be a trumpet player in the Marine Corps Commandants own band. I am thrilled to be 1 of fewer than 100 other musicians that will play in Full Dress Attire for official ceremonies including but not limited to the office of The President of The United States of America. Thank you Christian for helping me hit my first note, and even more! I am off to boot camp soon. I appreciate your skill,  kindness, and patience.

Logan Mueller – Trumpet Player

II booked sessions with Christian to help me loose weight. I had diabetes and My Doctor insisted that I slim down, or I would have serious health challenges. I did a total of 6 hypnotherapy sessions with Christian, and not only did I slim down, my A1C level is below 5.5! When visiting family, I no longer have angry feelings and I am able to enjoy healthy conversations. I am playing tennis again, and did so the other day with my Grand-kids. How cool is that?! I tried several times to loose weight and let go of my anger towards my family. I am happy to share this testimonial, because hypnotherapy worked when nothing else did. Thank you Christian for helping me recognize how my emotions were affecting my body. I feel so much better and am excited and optimistic about life again.

Darlene Wind – Office Manager

Thank you Christian, I no longer have the desire to smoke. It happened on March 17, 2014 just like you said it would. Thank you very much from the bottom of my lungs!

Joan Postell-Porter – Site & Property Manager

“I really enjoyed the sessions I have had with Christian. They have inspired a new vision and purpose in my awareness. The regression helped me understand the deeper meaning behind my current connection to those I love, the world around me and my desires. I feel more joy, optimism and empowerment as I continue my goal achievement. His voice and resonance lend a very soothing quality to the session which I enjoyed as well.” –Cleveland Sigh – Counselor

“I had extreme worry and fear about an important exam. Christian guided me through a process to identify the inner skills necessary to erase my fear. We then created and programmed positive beliefs and the necessary action steps to create my desired outcome. I went into the exam feeling calm, relaxed and confident, and did exceeding well. Thank you Christian! ” –Steve Smith – Tradesman

“I was concerned about having a second hip replacement, worrying about the anesthesia, and how demanding the recovery period is. Christian created 2 CDs for me. One as a pre-op conditioning and the other for recovery. They have been highly effective. I was walking within 18 hours of surgery, and walking without any aids, such as a cane, within 3 weeks. The conditioning CD’s certainly helped me enormously, and I would encourage people who are contemplating medical procedures to consider availing themselves of Christian’s expert hypnosis skills.”

Jean Wood – Astrologer

Testimonials from Introduction to Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis Classes

-Hypnosis is not only a valuable tool, it is also an aid to good health. Christian is very good at hypnotizing others and I especially appreciate being taught self-hypnosis. –Student

-This class was very helpful to me in learning to quiet my mind and focus on a goal. This was not previously easy for me to do, but Christian gave me great tools to work with and it now feels very natural. –Student