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New Year’s Resolutions

According to StatisticBrain.Com, 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions and 8% achieve their goal. Why so few? It is because we do not believe we can achieve the goal.
We experience our life through our beliefs. Perhaps you remember the 16th century philosopher Rene Descarte who said “I think therefore I am”. In other words, If I believe that I have a slow metabolism, or that I am weak, then for some strange reason, I may not be seem to be able to slim down by those 15 pounds I want to let go of, or be able to consistently exercise in order to do it.
Beliefs reside in the vast, and I believe, infinite subconscious mind. Every experience of our life is stored in our subconscious mind as a movie or picture. Our perceptions of significant events; i.e., significant pictures and movies, form our beliefs. In turn, our beliefs are played out as “truth”, that is,  “I think therefore I am”.
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Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis with a certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist is highly effective and rapid way to acheive your New Year’s Resolutions and update your limiting beliefs that no longer serve us in healthy ways. 

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